Treehouse Technology offers a wide variety of technical support contracts, from pay per use to monthly support contract which would include a set amount of hours of technical time every month. Our support contracts are designed to fit your business. Our staff is knowledgeable in both PC and Macintosh environments as well as networking and related areas. If your company can't justify having someone on staff full time to be your IT department, then this option is for you. We can schedule time each month where a member of our team could visit your business or preform any work required remotely, this way you can say with a straight face that your IT team has made sure everything is up to date and running like it should. We will also make recommendations to avoid problems that we can see beginning to build.

Is your computer giving you errors, or crashing all the time? By having us come in and taking a look at your computer we can diagnose the problem and help get your system healthy again so that you can spend more time working and less time waiting for your computer to boot up. Did you know that random errors and crashing can be a result of a faulty powersupply? One out of three computers that keep crashing at random intervals and under heavy load can be a result of a faulty powersupply, or a CPU fan that could need replacing. Keeping a CPU running cool and the correct voltage going to the components on a computer system are key to a reliable system. Call and see for yourself why we are good at what we do.