At Treehouse Technology we have the required servers to help you share your filemaker application to the world. We have both Filemaker 5.5 server and FileMaker 7 servers running on site. We can web enable your database or just share it through FileMaker so that people in your office or branch offices can all access FileMaker at the same time. We can also host and support your email and website for your company.

We have in house developers who can create simple to complex web pages. Our developers can also have your website interact with your database so that you can have a online shopping cart which interacts with products that are stored in your FileMaker database, or have people sign up to go to a seminar, or what ever else your company might need. We can create a hosting package that will suit your business perfectly.

Why pay the high cost of co-location when we have the equipment you need and we can support it. You have better things to do than make sure that your website is running, and your database is being backed up, let us worry about that. Call us for a quote TODAY!