Why buy a Treehouse Technology Machine?

Are you looking for a reliable, customized to your needs, well built and stood behind system?

We build and test our systems in house, then they are shipped to the user once all tests are passed, and not before. We stand behind our systems that is why we are available to help trouble shoot any problems you may have. When we build either a workstation or a server we use name brand parts so that when the time comes to upgrade your operating system, add new software, or install new hardware the chances of everything working are higher than prebuilt systems from large pre-built manufactures. Most problems that people run into with prebuilt systems is that it is difficult to find updated drivers for hardware that isn't from established hardware manufacturers like, 3Com, Intel, ATI Technologies, Sony, Panasonic, Maxtor, and Asus just to name a few.

We specialize in FileMaker Pro servers, Web servers, and File servers.

Buy a Treehouse Technology workstation or server and see how you can depend it and us.