Treehouse Technology has been around for over 15 years now, and during those 15 years we have been specializing if custom FileMaker Applications. Treehouse Technology has been involved in large government projects to small single user programs. Our team of programmers have knowledge of FileMaker Pro in PC and in Mac with at least 15+ years of experience under their belt.

Whether you need a consultation to answer your FileMaker questions or you need a new system or to modify an existing one find out why Treehouse Technology is the right choice for you.

We have hands on experience in the following areas:


• Docket Systems
• Order Processing Systems
• Inventory Systems
• Call Centre Applications
• Property Databases
• Invoicing
• Job Tracking

CDML - With FileMaker Backend
• Ecommerce Website
• Event Planning

Lasso - With FileMaker Backend
• Promotional Merchandise website for ordering

ASP - With FileMaker Backend
• Information Portal

ColdFusion - With FileMaker Backend
• Information Portal
• Information Request Forms
• Surveys