Why spend your hard earned dollars on a fulltime Technical Department when you can have the same quality technical services for a fraction of the cost?

Treehouse Technology has a well rounded knowledgeable team of technical specialists that can visit you onsite or take care of your simple problems remotely. We have specialists trained on both PC and Macintosh environments.

Have you got a small office employing 1-50 people and can't afford to hire someone full time to manage your network and servers? Let our experienced computer specialists get the job done right so you never have to worry anymore. We can ensure backups are run, computer virus definitions and software have all been updated, we can also preform preventative maintenance on your computer systems to help prevent future extended down time.

Treehouse Technology has knowledgeable FileMaker Pro programmers who understand the fine details of FileMaker. We can modify an existing solution that you may be currently using, or we can help design a newer system that will take advantage of the latest and greatest in FileMaker Pro. All our staff have a FileMaker background, and all of them have been working with FileMaker for 5+ years.

Home office or small to medium sized office, we are your one stop shop to great support, knowlegdeable staff, reliable systems, fast internet connections, well built custom solutions, and more.

Let Treehouse Technology take care of your technical needs so that you can take care of your customers needs.